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Sneak Peak

MrsBrewBud posted Sun at 4:23

Interested in helping with the Relaunch of the Server?
Click Here to apply as Helper.
There is still a bit to do like testing all our perms
and even some building that needs done. So just 
fill out the app and tomorrow I will be going over
them as well as things you will need to be able to
help out with the process. Can't wait!
I just wanted to write a short message about the fact that Mining Geeks will be going 
Live sometime in the near future! We want to make sure to work out all the kinks before 
going Live though so it may very well be a couple more weeks before launch!

Everything will not be the same as the old server! Especially with this Eula situation we 
aren't sure exactly how we will be doing much with the donations and permissions at the 
moment. After we figure out all of that it shouldn't take too long to get booted up! The 
server will be mainly Survival with some extra fun stuff included! We also would really 
enjoy to hear what you guys would like to see on the server! 
Just let us know by clicking here!

We just wanted to inform all our amazing players from the past and let you know!
As well as Helpers aren't needed, but will be welcomed with open arms! 
I have an application that you can fill out here!
generallegoboy yay I missed the old server. do u think u will be making a modded server with a 1.7 mudpack like bevotech
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